About Us

Pegasus Productions Corp. is an Independent Film Company that is currently working in association with RMI Entertainment in order to Produce the Feature Film “Pegasus”.  Robert Michael Ingria is Producing and Directing. 

Robert is currently in pre-development of the  $100 Million budget production of The Beatles Live Yellow Submarine Show for the Aquaterra/Universal Orlando Resort Hotel. (Owner and Designer)  The Live show will take place at the Beatles Undersea Theatre being planned for the Aquaterra Ocean Dome as part of the Hotel Resort Complex.  Aquaterraresort.com

RobertIngria.com  RMIFilms.com 

The company has under contract the Screenwriter Ron Bass. He won an Academy Award for writing the screenplay for Barry Levinson‘s film Rain Man, and films that Bass are associated with are regularly nominated for multiple motion picture awards. His films have grossed over $2 billion.